• Geely CE Concept

    One of these concepts that will be a production model sooner than later.It already looks like something we’d see in the streets now.and it does look pretty nice. I guess Geely is getting ready to sell cars in Europe pretty soon.

  • BMW Z4

    The al new Z4 is due pretty soon. What you can’t see on this illustration is the new hard top convertible. Similar to the SLK, or the much cheaper Miata.Finally, the BMW won’t be that claustrophobic to drive with the top up.

  • Kia Soul

    Coming up soon. This looks like what the Scion xD should have been. Small, roomy a fuel efficient. Toyota might be paying for their mistake of making the xD too big.I personally like the xD. It is still pretty small and is more refined that before. Sure the engine is larger, but the Camry motor… Continue reading Kia Soul

  • Camaro Accessories

    GM is making sure you can make your new Camaro really ugly if you want to.They will offer a bunch of these “accessories” like spoilers, side skirts etc… All of them ruining the understated original design.The lower part of the car pictured here is still made out of clay. So the final thing will be… Continue reading Camaro Accessories

  • Chery A6 CC

    One of the best Chinese concept is heading for production. And from these pictures, it looks like it will stay really close to that concept.Which I think was designed by Pininfarina.By the way, CC does not mean it’s a hard top convertible. This is just a hatchback coupe.Here is the concept. In case some of… Continue reading Chery A6 CC

  • Unmistakeably German Citroen

    A really cool commercial for the latest French sedan, trying hard to show how it should be considered against the German competition.At least as far as design is concern, I don’t think Citroen should be worried. It looks so much better than any of the German competition. Anyone here knows how this car drives???

  • Opel Insignia/Saturn Aura

    Funny how some cars are pretty much kept secret until they actually come out.Others, like this one, not so much…

  • Brilliance BS2

    Looks like a nice looking hatch with a Skoda grille.Still, this might end up in Europe where it could actually compete with other cheap hatchbacks. It’s at least as good looking as the stuff we get over here. Again, there are so many unanswered questions and concerns about Chinese cars, they’ll have a tough time… Continue reading Brilliance BS2

  • 2009 VW Golf

    When I say 2009, I mean for the European market. Chances are, we’ll get this around 2015 if we’re lucky. This is still just an illustration, but it looks really close to all the spy shots we’ve already seen of that car.Which is to say, the usual Golf redesign: the same but different. Never a… Continue reading 2009 VW Golf

  • Roewe 550

    Just newer, better pictures. With no camouflage at all. A nice looking car. Better than the Jetta we get over here… At least…

  • Geely GT Concept

    I think this looks great. A bit busy and loud. But at least pretty original. The Chinese have the habit of showing off pretty nice looking concepts so far.We’ll see if any of these actually translate into decent production cars… Would anyone here buy something like that? At what price?

  • Chubby nerd and friends take over New York!

    And doing a good job.Thanks to these guys we get a better idea of these cars. Interesting how the Genesis coupe interior is highly praised. While the TSX really doesn’t seem a better car than the current model….

  • Jaguar and Land Rover sold

    To Tata for $2 Billion.Good for Tata, I guess. Although they have already said they weren’t that interested in Jaguar. But it is a sad statement about Ford. A company that was run so poorely that it didn’t know what to do with legendary brands like these.Looks like they were doing OK with land Rovers.… Continue reading Jaguar and Land Rover sold