• Penske to get Saturn???

    Seems that Roger Penske has a plant for Saturn, if he gets it.He did have a meeting with the head of Renault, Carlso Ghosn, about 2 weeks ago. About selling cars from the Renault group through Saturn dealers.But that would mean Korean cars from the brand Samsung, owned by Renault.Not real Renaults…And Penske is also… Continue reading Penske to get Saturn???

  • 2011 Toyota Yaris ?

    Could be… The new Yaris will stiff be offered as a sedan in the US. Where its main competition will be the all new Ford Fiesta.There are also rumors of a Hybrid version that would be priced well under Honda’s Insight.

  • Nissan Murano Convertible

    It was a weird idea when people first started talking about it, and it’s still strange now.It seems that the 2 door convertible version of the Murano is on track.Why did they choose to make a convertible out of the Murano is beyond comprehension. When they could have an Altima Coupe convertible. I was told… Continue reading Nissan Murano Convertible

  • New spy shots coming up…

    Just letting you know.I should have quite a few new spy shots coming up on the site in the next few days, so keep looking….

  • Who will own Opel?

    According to the latest rumors, Magna could have a much better chance than Fiat to end up with Opel. Fiat would cut 10 000 jobs. Magna, just ” a few thousands”.Magna is also asking for less loan money. Under Magna, GM would keep 35% of Opel. Another 35% would be own bythe Sberbank Bank, and… Continue reading Who will own Opel?

  • 5 Series GT video

    Just some CGI version of the new 5 series.But it does show how the weird hatchback works.Very similar to the current Skoda Suberb.

  • More (and bigger) pictures of the new 2010 BMW 5 series GT

    I like the interior design. Although there is really nothing new. It does feel modern and upscale.And I usually do like hatchbacks.But the way the hatch meets the lights seems just wrong and awkward… Maybe, just like the X6, it looks better in person…I think a lowered X6 would have looked much better.

  • All new BMW 5 series GT

    Basically a hatch version of the upcoming new 5 series.I am not sure why they choose to do that. A wagon will still be available. And usually, a hatch design could look better, or sportier. But not here…. At all…

  • Who will get Saturn???

    A new report is claiming that talks between auto supplier Magna and GM are pretty far advanced. Magna doesn’t actually make cars. But they are also trying to buy Opel.That means if the deal goes through, Saturns could still turn out to be American versions of Opel cars.Which I think could be the best senario… Continue reading Who will get Saturn???

  • Prius Aero Tourer

    By Japanese tuner “Modellista”.I guess these guys can make your new Prius a bit more aggressive looking.“Looking” is the key word here. This is just an after market kit that does not include a boost in performance.

  • Chery X5

    Yet another ugly Chinese SUV coming up soon.This one is a heavy beast powered by a small 2.0 Liter diesel good for only 125hp. Great…