• Opel deal!

    Fiat looses, Magna wins. -Magna owns 20%-Russian Sberbank owns 35%-Opel employees own 20%-GM still owns 35% That means GM could still have access to Opel cars for sales in the US. Not bad news.

  • Test driving an old classic

    Almost…. I am driving new Beetles this week, coupe and convertible. And will report on them soon.Go ahead if you have any questions…

  • 2010 Toyota 4 Runner

    The next version of the 4 Runner was almost canceled by Toyota, but it was too late.The current market is pretty much the worse it’s ever been to launch a new truck based SUV.The Lexus GX version is coming out this fall in the US. Not sure when the Toyota will be out. There is… Continue reading 2010 Toyota 4 Runner

  • New Accord hatchback???

    This car was caught by someone from the vwvortex forum (Click on the title for the link and more pics). It doesn’t look at all like the test mule they were driving around. The car was hidden as a wagon with much larger wheels etc…This looks like a straight hatch version of the Accord sedan.Even… Continue reading New Accord hatchback???

  • VW Polo coupe coming up?

    The new Polo will soon be offered as a 3 door hatch and a 4 door sedan, in addition to the current 5 door hatchback model.At least one of these will come to the US.But they are now also talking about a coupe. British magazine Auto Express seems to think the design will make the… Continue reading VW Polo coupe coming up?

  • Toyota SAI

    The SAI is supposed to be Toyota’s version of the all new Lexus HS 250h. Coming up later this year.Which is itself a version of the new 3rd generation Prius.So this is basically a Prius with a trunk, new front and interior.Without all the Lexus luxury. And it would use the Prius’s smaller 1.8 Liter… Continue reading Toyota SAI

  • What??!?!?!

    Obnoxious Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got a free car today!Like he needs one.One of the richest man in the world just got a free Ford Fusion Hybrid from Alan Mulally.CEOs helping CEOs Are you kidding me right now??? Giving a Fusion to Ballmer is like giving a free stamp to Nelson Rockefeller.Even as a PR… Continue reading What??!?!?!

  • Renault Twingo CC

    Another picture of the small 2 seater convertible based off the tiny Renault Twingo.We probably will never see this here. Unless Renault actually ends up selling cars over here as Saturn.But that seems to expensive. I guess we might have to settle for the cheaper Samsung cars…

  • BMW X1 interior

    Just a small shot.Some kind of a teaser. Being smaller than the X3, that thing should end up being pretty small, while still pricey.Remember when people thought the 1 series would be the “affordable BMW”? I don’t really see the point of this car. It seems that lately, BMW is coming out with plenty of… Continue reading BMW X1 interior

  • 2010 Cadillac SRX Price

    The all new SRX will start at $34 155 for the 3.0 Liter V6 with Front wheel drive.This is about $6000 less than the model it replaces.But for a while, the new SRX was going to be called something else and sold as a cheaper car than the existing SRX. So it was designed and… Continue reading 2010 Cadillac SRX Price