• Next Hyundai Sonata interior

    This is shaping out to be a very nice looking car.Competing more with the Mazda6 than with the clunky looking Accord. I guess it won’t be long before we get much better pictures of the new Sonata.

  • All new Hyundai Sonata

    First picture of an uncovered one.And we can’t see much can we… One thing for sure, it’ll have huge headlights…

  • 2012 Mini Cooper?

    Maybe… Could be. At least it does look more different than the current 2nd generation does when compared to the 1st model.Or maybe it is just a clay model from one of the design studies for the current model. It’ll take a while to find out…

  • 2010 Mini Roadster

    More and more rumors about a 2 seater Mini convertible.Now some say it might be revealed as a concept at the next Frankfurt auto show. With a production version showing up almost a year later.That could mean the whole thing would be based on the next generation of the Mini by that time. We’ll see.

  • New 2010 Saab 9.5 pictures

    It looks pretty much like what we thought from the covered up spy shots we’ve seen of this car for the past 28 years. At least it looks modern, unlike the current model which looked super conservative even at the time it came out.We’ll see who owns Saab by the time the car comes out… Continue reading New 2010 Saab 9.5 pictures

  • Renault Twingup?

    Just another illustration. They seem to have been testing this thing forever… It’s a weird idea anyway. A strange looking 2 seater convertible based on the super small Twingo hatchback. With a sliding hardtop. I guess the closest thing to it would be the old Civic Del Sol from Honda.

  • All new Jaguar XJ?

    This is just an illustration done from the only official picture we have so far of the car.And it does match pretty much everything.Unfortunately… The whole thing seems gimmicky and pretty weird. Far from the classy look Jaguar should have. Let’s hope that, somehow, the real thing looks better. That painted rear pillar alone makes… Continue reading All new Jaguar XJ?

  • Chrysler “not so” secret…

    This picture was taken inside Chrysler’s design department.It does look like a 2 door car. Could it be the next Sebring. Or something already Fiat based?

  • More and more rumors…

    Which one of these do you think will actually come true? -Fiat wants to own Opel.-Dodge Circuit EV has been canceled.-Fiat wants to also get Suzuki.-Solstice/Sky plant up for sale.