• 2013 VW Golf Interior?

    These are really weird pictures. But they might be from some brochure or something, I have seen others matching these, so they might well be the real thing.Seems a bit busy in there. And at the same time, not very stylish. We’ll know more in just a few days….

  • 2013 Nissan Sentra

    At first I really though this was the new Altima.But no. Just a smaller version of the same design. It looks OK, but nothing special. I guess they want to convey an upscale feel by making it look like their larger and more expensive model.(Some people might even think they don’t really need to spend… Continue reading 2013 Nissan Sentra

  • New Mazda 6 Video

    Actually not showing much more than the pictures.The editing is way to quicks, the shots way too short to really get a good feel for the car. It sure is fine. Except the CX-5 inspired dashboard. But fine isn’t enough anymore. Unless you are Honda or Toyota.In which case, you already have millions of repeat… Continue reading New Mazda 6 Video

  • All new Mazda6

    Finally. The real thing. It looks really nice. But these days, most mid sized sedans do.(I just saw a few of the new Altimas, and they do look really good on the road.) Mazda desperately needs something that stands out. And I’m not sure this new 6 does that. A2.0 Liter is available in some… Continue reading All new Mazda6

  • Mercedes CLA

    This suposely the 1st picture of the production version.We saw the concept a few months ago. This basically a sedan version of the new A Class hatchback. Although a pretty slick one. More like a baby CLS.Not sure if the hatchback will be coming to the US or not, but the sedan will be.And by… Continue reading Mercedes CLA

  • 2013 Honda Accord

    Thanks to a reader, we have now a much better idea of what the all new Accord looks like in the real world.Which is, boring of course. But not that bad.A typical North American market mid sized sedan. With no surprises.Most people have noticed the Hyundai rear end. But it also looks like the Sonata… Continue reading 2013 Honda Accord

  • 2013 Toyota Auris

    Finally here, the second generation of Toyota’s Euro compact.Our next Corolla will share this car’s platform. But not the design. The Auris has always ben much more modern looking than the Corolla, so don’t expect much from the next Corolla.If this one is as modern as a Toyota can get. Just like the current Euro… Continue reading 2013 Toyota Auris

  • New 2013 Honda Accord

    This, besides being quite boring, actually can turn out pretty elegant in real life.The interior seems to be a big improvement over the current plasticky mess.And the whole thing seems much better looking than the 2012 Camry. Although it faces tough competition from the Sonata/Optima cousins. And especially the upcoming 2013 Fusion. We’ll see if… Continue reading New 2013 Honda Accord

  • More pictures of the 2013 Range Rover

    The lights still feel a bit gimmicky to me. And they resemble the much cheaper Explorer as well. The interior is obviously inspired by the Evoque. Which is just fine. If you like what you see, you’ll still have to wait until the end of the year to get yours.

  • 2013 Range Rover

    The big Range Rover is all new for 2013.And looking a lot like the old one. Which in this case, might not be too bad.Although the current model still looks good after all these years. This one doesn’t seem such an improvement.I hear a big reduction in weight is expected. Which is a good thing,… Continue reading 2013 Range Rover