• Dodge Journey Crossroad

    Chrysler feels they need to give Dodge “something” for the upcoming Chicago Auto show. Since there are no new models coming up any time soon, they came up with an off road look option for the aging Journey. It doesn’t look too bad. Although I think they should have done even more. Like something around… Continue reading Dodge Journey Crossroad

  • Mercedes V-Class

    Basically, a new version of the old Viano. Which has been used in Europe as a cargo van as well as V.I.P/hotel/airport shuttle. The new one (Now called V-Class) seems to be pushing the luxury card even more. It looks just OK. Without the Mercedes grille, it could be anything. From a few years ago.… Continue reading Mercedes V-Class

  • Buick Cascada?

    Not sure but this looks like it could deb a Buick version of the Opel Cascada. I was told the picture was taken in the US. A Buick version of the Cascada convertible makes total sense to me. The Chrysler 200 is pretty much alone in that segment. And it is old and basically a… Continue reading Buick Cascada?

  • Kia K900 price

    The big luxury K900 will start at $60 400 in the US. A $6000 VIP package is also available. This price is for the 420hp V8 model. The cheaper V6 will be priced at a later date. Quite a bold move for Kia to release the more expensive model first. I know that’s what most… Continue reading Kia K900 price

  • 2015 Lexus NX

    This is what they were showing on a big screen behind Toyota’s CEO Jim Lentz during a presentation. It obviously is NOT the nightmarish LF-NX Concept we saw before. (That one is the bottom pic) It does look like a production version of it. And much, much better than the concept. Will be powered by… Continue reading 2015 Lexus NX

  • GM Mule testing. Next Buick Lacrosse?

    I say GM because there seems to be a lot of Insignia/Regal in here. But not quite. It seems longer. And a bit different. My best guess is an early prototype for the next LaCrosse. Any other ideas???

  • Superbowl ads.

    I really like the Kia900 one. I think it is a clever way to make a point. The exact point they need to make. On the other hand, the VW one is actually pretty gutsy. Advertising reliability for a brand known to be quite unreliable…

  • 2014 VW Polo

     The current generation is almost 5 years old. And VW has decided to offer a few changes for 2014, not an all new car. The current car still looks really good, and the new front and slightly revised interior might just do fine for the next couple of years. Someone at VW US had mentioned… Continue reading 2014 VW Polo

  • Fiat 500X

     The X is an SUV looking version of the 500. And just like the 500L, this is not really a true Fiat 500. It is based on a different, larger platform. All it gets from the 500 is that front end with the round headlights. But, this one could be interesting. As I do like… Continue reading Fiat 500X