• 2015 Hyundai AG

    Hyundai has just shown to the press an all new sedan, so far only named AG. It will slot between the Azera/Grandeur and the new Genesis. So it is basically a slightly larger, more luxurious Azera since it is also FWD. This is mostly for the Korean and Chinese markets. I can’t really see it… Continue reading 2015 Hyundai AG

  • 2015 Toyota Yaris

    Just the usual mid-cycle changes. A new front end and rear lights, some small changes inside etc… It looks like that big mouth look is the new Toyota corporate design. Since we saw this in the new 2015 Camry as well. It does start looking weird. A bit like a Chinese car…

  • Volvo XC90 Interior

    Volvo has been teasing us with the all new XC90 for so long now… But today we finally get to see the real thing. Inside. And it does look quite impressive. Although, for my taste, there seem to be a lot of shapes. The center screen with the vents on each sides looks like it… Continue reading Volvo XC90 Interior

  • 2015 Lexus NX

    We have seen the new NX before. But I thought these might be interesting as they show it in the streets. Not in a studio, or auto show. As I mentioned earlier, like it or not, I think this will turn out to be quite popular. Maybe even more than the RX.

  • 2015 Mercedes C Class wagon

    What a good looking classic wagon. I actually think this will steal sales from the larger and more expensive E-Class wagon. The C-Class is a bit smaller, but so much more modern. And the new interior is light years ahead of the old blocky mess in the current aging E-Class. This is just really nice.… Continue reading 2015 Mercedes C Class wagon

  • 2015 Audi A7

    There are a few new things for the A7 next year. Besides slightly revised engines and rear lights, most of the news are up front. As you can see, it is the usual for updated Audi models: “make it more square”. The lower part of the bumper sure is busy. But overall the changes don’t… Continue reading 2015 Audi A7

  • All new Nissan Pulsar

    The Pulsar is Nissan’s new weapon against the VW Golf in Europe. Which means it will also compete with the Focus, Astra. And more odes from Peugeot, Fiat and even its partner, Renault. So far, it looks more like a US Nissan than a European one. Even with the hatchback. Not sure the design is… Continue reading All new Nissan Pulsar

  • GM bit on the John Oliver show

    Interesting… I wonder if there is that much hate for GM right now. Since it seems their recent sale numbers have not been affected. Yet.

  • 2015 Dodge Challenger

    Just in case you were wondering what the revised model looked like when in a parking lot… It does look good. Dodge did a good job and didn’t ruin the design. (funny how half of the lower bumper is still a bit covered…)