• 2017 Audi A5

    Wow… How sad is this. An official teaser from Audi, showing a camouflage prototype of the “all new” A5. And, of course, it looks like the same car as the one we have now. Just like the A4, it will be a slightly squared off version of the current model. With the new A4 terrible… Continue reading 2017 Audi A5

  • 2017/18 VW Jetta?

    Another Chinese car toy leak. And it does look like this could be our next Jetta. A similar sized model called the lamando has been on sale in China for a while. It is based on the same platform as the current Golf (Our Jetta is based on an older platform) So this seems to… Continue reading 2017/18 VW Jetta?

  • 2017 Chevrolet Cavalier

    No, it’s not actually coming back. Well, it is. But in China only. The new Cavalier is smaller and cheaper than the Cruze. It is powered by a small 1.5 Liter engine. And I am sure Chevrolet is not interested in another small sedan for its us portfolio. From what we can see on these… Continue reading 2017 Chevrolet Cavalier

  • 2016/2017 Fiat 500 Abarth

    Just like the regular 500 did a few months ago, the Abarth version gets a few modifications. It’s even more aggressive looking now. Not sure what that is coming over to the US. I would say for the 2017 model year. But we are still waiting for the revised “regular” 500. So who knows…

  • Lexus LC

    Just a few new pictures. (Or at least they are new to me since I haven’t seen them before) This particular one is the Hybrid version. While it does look great even in red. (Most pictures of the LC are of the red one) In a more “regular” color it looks really fantastic. Even the… Continue reading Lexus LC

  • 2018 Kia GT

    Kia has been testing a production version (top) of the 2011 GT Concept (bottom)for a while. As you can see, it looks fine and pretty much ready to go. And, pretty close to the concept. But it’s been 5 years. Five-years…. So nothing futuristic here. Seems like it could be based on the Hyundai Genesis… Continue reading 2018 Kia GT