• New Opel Corsa still testing???

    Is the new Corsa still testing??? Weird since the head of PSA has just announced it will switch to a new PSA platform. And the one that had been testing had been put on hold Weird….

  • 2018 Volvo XC40

     Looks like the all new XC40 Compact SUV from Volvo is ready to go. It also looks like it will be very close to the concept we saw last year.Which is a good thing. Since it was a pretty original design, compared to other small SUVs around. HERE are more pictures of it testing in the… Continue reading 2018 Volvo XC40

  • VW GTI test drive.

     The current GTI came out in Europe since late 2012. (Later in the US) So the design is very familiar. Basically still an evolution, after all these years, of the original 1970’s Guigiaro Golf design. It still looks very nice after 5 years. (the model I tested was a 2017 model, not the revised one… Continue reading VW GTI test drive.

  • 2017 Toyota Vios

    Just a few more pix of the new Vios hatchback for the Chinese market. Not so bad for a basic car. Powered by a 1.3 Liter or 1.5 Liter. CVT. So nothing very special. But it doesn’t look bad, especially compared to other recent Toyota designs. I even think it looks a bit better than… Continue reading 2017 Toyota Vios

  • 2018 Bentley Continental GT

    Bentley has been testing the next generation Continental Gt coupe for a while now. The convertible version too. And they have been pretty smart and effective with their camouflage. As the next model looks to have very different proportions than the first 2 generations., it seems much lower and wider. Like a longer version of… Continue reading 2018 Bentley Continental GT

  • 2018 Toyota Sienna SE

    I mean really. Look at this. The “sporty’ SE version now has 90’s looking clear tail lights! I guess they are trying to conjure memories of the old 1st generation Lexus IS? Or RX? I had no idea this was still a thing for some people… This looks like cheapo after market stuff. (The whole… Continue reading 2018 Toyota Sienna SE