• The 2018 Lexus NX new face.

    I guess. There are some differences. But this is so slight, I’m not even sure current owners will notice. This is pretty ridiculous. I mean I know the “mid cycle facelift” is some kind of a tradition in the car business. But really. In this particular case: why bother????

  • 2018 Genesis G80 Sport

    I am not really interested in the sport version of that Genesis G80 sedan, to tell you the truth. But actually fascinated by that horrible plastic cover for the front radar. It’s that rectangular piece of plastic behind the grille. The one that doesn’t match the rest of the grille. The one that still has… Continue reading 2018 Genesis G80 Sport

  • More pictures of the Chinese Hyundai iX35

    Not sure what else to say than : please keep it over there. The shape is kind of weird and old looking. That huge chrome grille is the epitome of vulgarity. This needs to never make it over here. And let’s hope this isn’t Hyundai’s new “design language” for their upcoming SUVs….

  • 2018 Acura TLX LWB

    The long version is (obviously) the red one at the bottom. Acura has not said how much longer is the Chinese version. But it does look quite different. Much more so than on the Volvo S90, where it’s hard to see the LWB difference from outside. This one does alter the roof design quite a… Continue reading 2018 Acura TLX LWB

  • Chevrolet Fnr-X Concept

    The new Fnr-X ( can you believe “fnr” actually stands for “find new roads”!!) is a really nice looking design. At first I was wondering why this didn’t become the new Equinox?? Then I read it is a plug-in Hybrid. So it might very well be based on the Volt. An SUV based on the… Continue reading Chevrolet Fnr-X Concept

  • Jeep Yuntu Concept

    Well, that ends up looking like a pure concept. Nothing more. Not like a realistic preview of anything coming up soon. Though the one thing they need is a new Grand Cherokee. Not just more and more power squeezed into  it. But let’s enjoy what’s good. And this looks fine and modern…

  • VW ID Cross Concept

    Another EV concept from the VW group. And it looks similar to the other two from Audi and Skoda. A raised up 4 door hatchback. And again, the same 500km range on one charge. I guess why not. The more the better? At least they all look good. But, while the Audi version looks pretty… Continue reading VW ID Cross Concept