• 2020 Honda Fit Vs.Current model

    Proportions don’t look that different. But it already looks like a simpler design. Sleeker,  a bit softer and more rounded. Closer to the really good looking previous generation. What do you think?

  • 2020 Honda Fit

    I always thought the Fit was a great car. But the current version’s design is really a step back from previous generations. It already looks like the next one will be much better looking. The profile doesn’t have all these weird ungainly lines anymore. This could be unveiled pretty soon. Like early next year. There have been talks… Continue reading 2020 Honda Fit

  • 2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country

    The Cross Country “raised up ” versions of Volvo wagons have always looked great. (That is still the case with the large V90 Cross Country) So of course, this all-new V60 Cross Country is a really nice looking wagon. It is just about 3 inches higher than the regular V60 wagon.  All-wheel drive is standard. … Continue reading 2019 Volvo V60 Cross Country

  • 2019 Honda Civic

    Since the current Civic is so popular, Honda has decided on very few changes for its mid-cycle refresh. There is now less chrome on the grille.  And they didn’t add weird spoilers or side skirts. Inside, it is still the same great interior. Now with a new screen with buttons and volume knob.  And a… Continue reading 2019 Honda Civic

  • Acura RDX Test drive

     The all new 2019 RDX is a vast improvement over its predecessor. The previous generation was a nice car dressed in a pretty invisible design. Which was too bad. (I think the first generation was actually more interesting) The 2019 model looks great in real life. And I have to say, the new Acura grille… Continue reading Acura RDX Test drive

  • 2019 Toyota Supra

    Here are a few new pictures of the all new Toyota Supra. of course, this is still a prototype with some camouflage on it. But it’s all there. And… It still looks very close the FT-1 concept. The one from 2014 (!) So this will be a 5 year old design by the time it… Continue reading 2019 Toyota Supra

  • Audi E-Tron GT

    After their boring E-tron, Audi is now teasing us with something that already looks much better. A sporty Electric sedan just called E-Tron GT. And it looks like it could go head to head against the Tesla Model S. Which would be a great move for Audi. As the Model S is getting pretty old.… Continue reading Audi E-Tron GT

  • Peugeot E-Legend concept

    I think this is quite amazing. To see a revival of the old (and still gorgeous) 504 Coupe design is simply a treat. Sure, there are still some overdone bits. (Like pretty much all current Peugeot designs.) Like the bottom of the car. Why so many bits and lines under that door??? But still, the… Continue reading Peugeot E-Legend concept

  • 2020 Audi E-tron

    The Electric Audi is finally here. And it looks fine. Pretty much like the new Q8. Which is OK. I guess no one will notice it, ever. The interior is still super busy. Like other modern Audi designs. This is quite a difference when compared to the minimalistic interior of the Tesla Model 3… The… Continue reading 2020 Audi E-tron