• 2020/21 Cadillac Escalade

    An all new Escalade is due sometime next year. Or maybe early 2020. While this isn’t the real thing, it gives us an idea of what the giant SUV might become. The new Tahoe and Yukon will come first, the new Escalade won’t be far behind. These 3 are cash cows for GM. Which means,… Continue reading 2020/21 Cadillac Escalade

  • VW Beetle Coast test drive

    By now, we all know the familiar design of the 2nd generation of the New Beetle. (Just called “Beetle”) It came out back in 2012, and I think it still looks fine. Since that retro shape is pretty ageless no matter what. It has never looked as good and original as the previous model. VW… Continue reading VW Beetle Coast test drive

  • BMW iNext Concept

    This is the Concept version of the upcoming iNext EV SUV. Coming out n a couple of years. While I do like the profile, since it reminds me of the i3. That huge fake grille is something else. And is basically has no place in a car design. It created one of the ugliest front… Continue reading BMW iNext Concept

  • 2019 Kia Proceed

    Again, this does not look like last year’s amazing concept. But it does look very nice. And quite original too.  It uses the regular Ceed model engines, so this is not a sports car. And the same  nice interior. This would be great in the US line up as the Kia Stinger’s little brother. A… Continue reading 2019 Kia Proceed

  • 2019 DS3 Crossback

    Not sure yet if this is a replacement for the cute (but aging) DS3 or not. But so far, this looks like a nightmare on wheels. I mean just look at that tortured profile. There are enough lines everywhere for 3 car designs.  The whole thing looks like a mess. A toy made out of… Continue reading 2019 DS3 Crossback

  • Lexus UX US Pricing

    Maybe I am one of the few, but I always kind of liked the Lexus CT. Now they finally have a replacement for it, and of course, it is a small SUV. The UX looks a lot like the larger NX. (Except maybe even more tortured. ) There will be 2 versions available in the… Continue reading Lexus UX US Pricing

  • 2020 Mercedes GLE

    This actually looks much better than I though it would. Inside too… The exterior is very clean (like recent Mercedes designs). Yet retains the DNA of previous generations. This is a really nice, understated, simple and grown up design. (I mean, compare this to the Lexus RX….) I think the interior looks good too. The… Continue reading 2020 Mercedes GLE

  • How about even more pix of the new Kia Telluride!

     It is now a non stop flow of Telluride pictures. I guess the real thing will be coming out any minute now… At least it is interesting to see that orange LED light… Looks like the Telluride rear lights are quite similar to the upcoming 2019 Soul. Except in reverse…

  • 2019/20 Kia Proceed

     Kia has released a teaser for its upcoming Proceed hatchback. Which looks pretty nice. But it’s hard to tell anything from that angle, except that it is indeed a hatchback…  These prototypes show a very nice shape. A very slick hatchback. Not as fantastic as the “RWD looking” concept from last year, but still. This… Continue reading 2019/20 Kia Proceed

  • 2020 Porsche Taycan

    This are new spy shots of the all new Porsche Taycan, coming out next year. (Complete with super fake exhaust pipes) The Taycan is the official name of the production version of the Mission E concept from a few years ago. The new Porsche will basically be the first competition to the Tesla Model S.… Continue reading 2020 Porsche Taycan

  • 2020 Kia Telluride

    For some reason, Kia just showed a few pictures of the all new Telluride SUV at New York’s fashion week. (???) So we get to see most of it. Although it is covered with accessories that will not be available on the production model. It looks OK. Just like many other SUVs out there. And… Continue reading 2020 Kia Telluride