Chrysler Town and Country crash test

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Sad results of the European crash tests, where the Chrysler minivan is known as the Voyager.
Let’s hope the new one improves on that pitiful result…
2 stars out of 5.

The Ford S-Max and Renault Espace both got 5 stars. So did the small Volvo C30.

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  1. 2 Stars but with a strike though, which means there are some serious risk’s of death for the driver.

  2. Wow, that is shocking. This is still the most popular minivan on the market. Now is the time for the S-MAX, it could really make inroads in US minivan market which ford has abandoned

  3. “That’s the current generation, not the new model.”

    The current generation Renault espace launched in 2000 gained 5 stars.

    The previous generation Renault Espace Launched in 1997 gained 4 stars.

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