• Cars in Movies

    Instead of watching a TV show about the Academy Awards this week end, we should all rent movies with cool cars in it.Like these George Barris creations:-The car-The ZZr from “Out of sight”-The Golden Sahara featured in “Cinderfella”

  • New MG!?

    Well, not really.Just like the “old” small MG was based on the Rover 25, this one looks like a version of the upcoming Roewe 250.A clone.

  • More “GM goes to Hollywood”

    Some of the cars from the “Transformers” movie.A friend of mine has been working for a long tim on this.I was never into transformers, but I must say, the trailer looks pretty good. It even has an older Spielberg movie feel to it.Even though he’s only producing. And the Camaro…….

  • Kia EX-Ceed Concept

    Just a convertible version of Kia’s new hatchback for the European market.A soft top version of an already nice looking car= another nice looking car. No surprises here…

  • Next Jaguar XJ illustrations

    British magazine Autocar has published these new illustrations of the upcoming new large Jaguar sedan.Not sure if they were done for the magazine or if they actually came from Jaguar, somehow. But they look like what Jaguar needs.Although a bit close to the new XF, the S type replacement.

  • Honda Crossroad

    Here are more pictures of the little Honda SUV. I still think it would be a good choice for the US line up.Below the Element and right against the new Scion xB.Available with a 1.8 Liter with 140hp, or a 2.0 Liter with 150hp.FWD or AWD.And you can even get a sunroof! (unlike the xB)… Continue reading Honda Crossroad

  • Hyundai i30

    Yes, i30….I know. Exactly like the old Infiniti model.That should tell you right there this car isn’t for the US market. Unless they change the name. But for now anyway, we don’t get it.Too close to the Elantra.In Europe it will fight agaisnt the Focus/Golf/Astra/Megane crowd. 1.6 and 2.0 liter engines will be offered.

  • Mazerati Grand Turismo coupe

    Pininfarina design and a 4.2 Liter V8 with 405hp.A convertible model will follow and a larger 4.7 Liter version of the V8 with 450hp might be offered then.