• Audi A3 Sedan

    The all new sedan version of the redesigned A3 is supposed to become the most popular A3 in the US when it comes out next year. So far, it looks like the same car we saw earlier as a “concept”. One of these fake concepts that basically take the production design and just add larger… Continue reading Audi A3 Sedan

  • All new Saab 9-3 coming up.

    This is pretty much the car version of “The living dead”. Saab was “National Electric Vehicle Sweden” last June. When the Chinese investors announced their intention to produce an all electric version of the next 9-3, based on the all new Phoenix platform. The plan was to introduce the electric 9-3 in 2014. Now there… Continue reading All new Saab 9-3 coming up.

  • 2014 Hyundai Genesis

    Looks like the big Genesis sedan is due for an all new design in a little bit over a year. The current model has done pretty well for Hyundai so far. This already looks much more modern. V6 and V8 should return. And there are “crazy” rumors about a 10 speed Automatic transmission.

  • 2014 Mercedes E Class

    Just a short teaser video so far. Showing off the new headlight design. Which, on this video, looks really impressive. I pretty much hated the current E class sedan design when it came out just a few years ago. But after being in the car a few times, it has grown on me. Maybe because… Continue reading 2014 Mercedes E Class

  • All new Toyota RAV4

    Just a few more things. Until the real one shows up in a few days. Seems like they are making some effort to make it a bit more interesting. Most of the competition is pretty good looking…

  • Fiat 500 e

    “e” is of course for Electric. No official specs yet. But it is expected to be priced under the Nissan Leaf. Which costs about $ 27 700 after rebates. (There is now a great $199 a month lease on the Leaf) So this could be an affordable 2nd car. Now, let’s pray there are other… Continue reading Fiat 500 e

  • 2013 Mazda CX-9

    We have seen it before, a few weeks ago. But these are the 1st official pictures of the US version. Looks like nothing has been ruined. The new front seems to be working well enough with the rest of the body. And there are minimal changes to the already great interior. The CX-9 has been… Continue reading 2013 Mazda CX-9

  • Ford Transit Connect Wagon

     The current generation Transit Connect has been quite a success in the US. Many companies using it as a small delivery van. But Ford has never sold the more family oriented wagon version here, although it is popular in Europe. They will with the new redesigned model. It does look pretty big on these pictures.… Continue reading Ford Transit Connect Wagon