1979 Lincoln Mark V: affordable time machine…

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This top-of-the-line “Collector’s Series” of the Lincoln Mark V just sold for $18 000.

From the photos, it looks in great shape. With only 28 000 miles showing (although it could be 128 000). The whole thing looks to be in great shape.

The best part of that model is the crazy velours interior. And the much better looking real wood trim instead of the standard cheapo “wood looking” plastic.  A center console and leather dash also help.

This would be a great car to drive around. A cheezy/classy-vintage dinosaur. A giant 2 door sedan longer than today’s Suburban. Sure, there is still the issue of a 10MPG car in a $4 a gallon world. But that’s the price you’d have to pay to look like a bad guy from a 1970’s TV show.
More info and tons of photos at Bring A Trailer.

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  1. these cars were Yugeeeeeee!
    I once had this co-worker with something similar. A 1977 or 1978 ford ltd ii coupe. Yellow paint with the white vinly roof.
    Now normally i would not look twice at such a car. When i was a kid, these were rich old dude's car, pimp mobile, mafiosa type.
    But this guy's car was in such good condition when he rolled up to the shop we both worked at back in 2006. We got along well and he gave me a few rides in it. It was so smooth, such a solid tank. The interior was like being in a comfy livingroom.
    I never drove it, i was content just sitting in the passenger seat and letting him cruise the city streets, hit the freeway entrance and gun that big ass motor. LOL, it was a pig on gas but felt like a ton( 9 tonnes? ) of fun. He had the chrome cragar mags on it, and dark tint window film applied to all the glass except the front windshield.
    Nice car stereo pumping out the tunes, light up a doobie, the ciggs and was fun to drive around like Huggy Bear out on the town, getting all sorts of stares.

  2. Try again
    You said "The best part of that model is the crazy velours interior. And the much better looking real wood trim instead of the standard cheapo "wood looking" plastic. A center console and leather dash also help."

    The ad for it says.

    "The blue leather dashboard and console cover are accented by faux wood trim, and blue carpets and floor mats complete the cabin."

    Where do they grow faux trees?

  3. I used to think these "personal coupes" were awful but now I look at them nostalgically — they are actually vintage cool and so different in a sea of lookalike SUVs.

    The American Luxury interiors were great! Colors, materials, etc. Super comfortable compared to the smallish seats in today's SUVs.

    These cars would be great if converted to electric power trains. Other imposing cars were the Imperials by Chrysler, circa 1969-1972. Huge cars with 2 or 4 doors, hidden headlights, velour interiors.

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