2023 Lexus RZ 450e Vs. Toyota bZ4X: new photos…

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While both the Toyota and Lexus versions have stupid names (although the Toyota still wins as the worst car name in years), they did a pretty good job designing very different-looking cars on the same EV platform.

Even the mirrors are in different locations, which is usually not the case when using the same platform.

The Toyota obviously went for a RAV-4 look. With over 407 000 of them sold last year, who can blame them. People seem to like that design and Toyota decided to play it safe with their first EV.

Same story with the Lexus. Which looks a lot like the next-generation RX. Again, why not. The RX has been the brand’s best-selling model. And they sold more of them last year than ever, with over 115 000. Not bad for a car that is very close to a redesign.

Toyota sees EVs as a big gamble. The safe designs they chose for both models might not be exciting but may prove them right in the long run. 


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  1. I think the Lexus looks really nice. I think the Toyota looks like it was design to make people not want to buy it.

  2. At this point we've learned that Toyota can make the ugliest designs possible and people will just buy them based on old outdated views of the brand. I fully agree that they have horrible names. I will never remember that Toyota name. No matter what these will sell good, as long as they have a Toyota or Lexus badge on them.

  3. The Lexus is definitely the better integration into the design for this platform. Looks better than the current RX.

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