• Ford Explorer Hydrogen

    350 miles on a single fill up.That’s what they claim. But they also say:“We believe hydrogen may become a viable motor fuel in the long-term,” said Gerhard Schmidt, vice president, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company. “With these technology demonstration vehicles, Ford continues to lead the way in the development of hydrogen technology.” So… Continue reading Ford Explorer Hydrogen

  • 2008 Nissan GT R

    The legendary GT R will return in late 2007.And for the 1st time, will go on sale in the US.Depending on pricing, it could go directly against the Corvette. They are already talking about at least 450hp! And it looks pretty good to.Almost exactly the same as the last concept they showed us.I am not… Continue reading 2008 Nissan GT R

  • Ford Focus CC convertible

    German Focus that is… I like convertibles but this one just doesn’t really seem to work for me.The proportions with the top up look pretty weird. Like most hardtop convertibles do, but this one seems a bit worse.And the way the top of the windshield stops. It looks like it was cut with a chainsaw.And… Continue reading Ford Focus CC convertible

  • Astra Sport hatch

    I am really exited to see in person the new Volvo C30 next week.But I almost forgot about this car. The Opel Astra 3 door. We are supposed to get this car under the Saturn name next year. And hopefully the 3 door will be part of the US mix.This could be a great looking… Continue reading Astra Sport hatch

  • Changes for the Lucerne?

    Not sure what, but they are testing something on the Buick Lucerne (maybe a gas cap that closes tight…)It doesn’t look like anything is new in the design, so it might be a new engine.Maybe the latest GM V6 will finally make it in there. It’s not big news but hey, it is Sunday after… Continue reading Changes for the Lucerne?

  • More Chinese coupe photos.

    With an interior shot (with a temporary steering wheel)It still loks very nice and seem to be on par with offerings from most other car makers. I hear this was also done with the help of Mazda. So it might actually be pretty good…

  • The “big”Hyundai

    Still almost completely covered.They are now saying this will not be sold in Europe.But it should make it in the US by 2008 with both a 3.8 Liter V6 and a 4.5 Liter V8.They also claim to compete with the Lexus LS, BMW 7 series and Mercedes S Class. Big words…I think this might be… Continue reading The “big”Hyundai

  • Scion xB replacement

    It won’t be called the xB anymore. Maybe the tB. Or something.It is due next summer and will be larger than the xB. As you can see, it does look pretty similar to the t2B concept from last year. But with 4 doors.At first there were rumors of the new car being powered by the… Continue reading Scion xB replacement

  • ???

    Not sure what this illustration is supposed to be.It looks like a Porsche. But I don’t think they’re working on a 2 door wagon… I actually don’t really care what this is. All I know is I like it.

  • 2000 Chrysler Nassau

    No, this is not the Nassau concept we’ll discover soon at the auto show. This one was apparently built in 2000. I have to say, I don’t remember this at all. It looks like it was an early version of what became the Chrysler 300.Or maybe it was just one of the designs they were… Continue reading 2000 Chrysler Nassau

  • Amazing.

    I did post a picture of the “CUV” from China before, but I am still amazed how close they got to the Kia Sorento and the new Santa Fe.It almost looks like a joke. Like someone in its garage crafted a Santa Fe front end on its Kia. And look at the interior!Ann almost perfect… Continue reading Amazing.