• Infiniti EX “Concept”

    One of these “fake” concepts that is pretty much 99% similar to the upcoming production version.In this case, a good thing. I think it looks great.But that’s pretty much all I know.This new Crossover is smaller and cheaper than the FX,to compete with the Acura RDX and the upcoming small RAV4 based Lexus. But I… Continue reading Infiniti EX “Concept”

  • Fantastic 4 to drive a Dodge!

    With a Hemi!550 mph and 30 000 feet! I have to say, I never saw the 1st film and I don’t think I’ll go see this one either. But a flying car is a flying car….

  • Buick Lacrosse and Lucerne “Super”

    I guess it just means more chrome, bigger grilles and more power.Not sure if that will help save Buick.The Enclave is a big move in the right direction, but this is not even necessary.Pretty much a waste of GM’s money, I think….

  • Toyota Auris 3 door

    We might still get it here alongside the 2008 Corolla. (I’ve seen a couple testing in Hollywood a few months ago) Or we’ll get the “Blade” version of the 5 door to replace the Matrix.Either way, it seems pretty nice, even if the design is quite uninspired…

  • 2008 Subaru Impreza

    This time it is the real thing!Not that great but much better than all the illustrations I’ve seen of it.The interior, at least on this picture, looks rather plain. More very soon.

  • Mazda CX-5

    The magazine Auto Express has this illustration of what a small Mazda SUV would look like.This makes a lot of sense for the European Market where even the CX-7 is pretty big. This looks to be based on the next Mazda 3 platform. I think it would be great in the US too. Where “small”… Continue reading Mazda CX-5

  • Improvements!

    Look at the amazing difference between these 2 videos. The 1st one is a crash test for the 2001 Ford Escape.We can all agree it is pretty scary.The 2nd one shows a similar test for the 2005 Escape.With much better results.As far as I know, the Escape didn’t change much from 2001 to 2005, yet… Continue reading Improvements!

  • More small Lexus rumor

    Again, words of a “smaller than IS” lexus.Mostly for the European market as a BMW 1/Audi A3 series competitor.Why not…

  • G37 Interior

    Well, it’s official. The new G37 isn’t getting the cool interior from last year’s concept.Another dream shattered… The regular sedan interior is very nice (a friend of mine just got a 2007 sedan and it is a great car).But I was hoping for the “extra step”.