• All new Golf/Rabbit not so new…

    It’s pretty obvious here.What they call an all new car is really a pretty extensive “facelift” that includes an all new interior.It seems that all the windows are the same. Similar to what we’ll see with the “all new” 2010 Mustang….

  • next Renault Scenic

    When a new Megane comes out, you know a new Scenic isn’t far behind… So no surprises here. This one, again, will look like a blown up, roomier Megane.

  • Thanks!!!

    Thanks to all of you who gave me such a good feedback while I was in trouble with the “Paramount Man”. These pictures of the Volt were all over the internet within minutes. So they must have been pretty busy sending threatening letters to everyone.But it made me feel great to have all of you… Continue reading Thanks!!!

  • Untitled Post

    I have to admit, the Rondo would not be on my shopping list.Mainly because I don’t need that kind of car. To carry 4 or 5 people, I would get a Mazda 3 or similar. But not something that looks and feels like a small minivan.But.. Many people are OK with it.So how does it… Continue reading Untitled Post

  • VW Gol Variant (wagon)

    Looks like VW is getting many versions of the new Gol ready.First the hatch, then the Voyage sedan. Now this wagon and there will also be the cool looking small pick up. Again, I just wonder if it might not be time for VW to bring back the Fox over here.

  • Brilliance in the US in 2009???

    That’s what they’re claiming, again.Chinese cars in the US next year. It’s always seems to be “next year” doesn’t it.No matter what next year is… Brilliance will be shipping 4 of its models to the Detroit Auto Show in January.The BS4 and BS6 sedans, the FRV Compact hatch and the BC3 Coupe.All these are pretty… Continue reading Brilliance in the US in 2009???

  • Daewoo Veritas

    Basically, a Holden sedan with a Daewoo face for the Korean market.Or a Korean Pontiac G8…

  • Toyota iQ trunk

    Sure, it’s fine. Even better than expected.With the rear seats down. But it really looks like any rear passenger would be stuck against the rear window. But I guess, when only 2 are in the car, the trunk space is actually pretty big…

  • Chery A6 CC testing

    Even after a couple of years, it is still a very nice design. ( I believe from Pininfarina)And the production model looks exactly like the concept.I’m not sure now when Chery will start selling cars in the US, but it’s just a matter of time.Too bad the Chinse owners of MG decided this week against… Continue reading Chery A6 CC testing

  • No production ZT

    Mitsubishi has decided against a production version of the ZT Concept.So what most people saw as the new Galant won’t be happening. Kind of weird because this one looked pretty much production ready. It could mean a few things: -They don’t want replacement for the Galant-They are designing something better.-They gave up on the mid… Continue reading No production ZT

  • Toyota Urban Cruiser

    The European version of our Scion Xd will officially come out at the Paris auto show.As you can see, it seems they are trying to market it more like a mini SUV than a small car. Interesting… I always liked the Scion version of this car.

  • All new Toyota Avensis

    Finally an official shot from Toyota. The “smaller than our Camry” sedan looks much more interesting than the current model.I wonder if our Camry will keep on growing anymore once gas hits $5 a gallon.Maybe it wouldn’t be such a horrible idea to base the US Camry on this. What do you think?