• Chevrolet Beat

    Based on the concept. And it looks pretty close, except for the grille.This looks to be the Daewoo version which will be sold in Korea.The car sold in Europe will be a Chevrolet.But GM has already announced the US won’t be getting this. I am still not really sure if this is an illustration or… Continue reading Chevrolet Beat

  • Production Volt pictures

    It looks like the real thing.Caught on the set of the Transformer 2 movie. This actually looks more interesting to me than the concept. Sure, the front end is not as original. But the rest of the car looks more modern. I can’t wait for this car.

  • Alfa Momeo miTo Convertible

    If the new Alfa MiTo really means to compete with the Mini, they would have to offer a convertible version, wouldn’t they. This illustration does look very nice. And let’s hope Alfa comes back to the US in this Century. I’ve been hearing it for over 10 years now. There are now rumors about a… Continue reading Alfa Momeo miTo Convertible

  • 2010 Ford Mustang Hood

    We can’t really tell much of the car from it, but that’s pretty much all we have for new.It seems a lot more sculpted than the current one. That might mean the car itself could be much more interesting. I still like the current Mustang, I hope they didn’t’ go too far with the redesign.… Continue reading 2010 Ford Mustang Hood

  • Next Acura NSX info

    What we know so far: -V10-5.5 Liter engine with 600hp Looking a lot like the Advanced Sport Car Concept (Pictured here) I think this will just be one of these image cars that will make the cover of every car magazine when it comes out.And that’s it.Very few people will actually get one…

  • New Versa front end?

    Well, the japanese version of our Versa, the Tilda, is getting some small revisions. Which include a new grille. I personally think the Nissan Versa is one of the worse looking car sold in our country. Especially the sedan. It looks to me like an 1980’s eastern European car. Cheap and awkward looking.I just don’t… Continue reading New Versa front end?

  • New Mustang Logo

    The classic Mustang logo will again be redesigned for the new 2010 model.I guess this is the biggest Mustang news until we finally see the “new” one this November. Let’s also hope they replace the base V6 engine. 200hp from a 4.0 Liter engine should be acceptable in a 2010 car… Stop by AmericanMuscle.com for… Continue reading New Mustang Logo

  • Paul Newman’s last lap.

    Mr. Paul Newman drove on the Lime Rock track in August 13 what will probably be his last race. The track was closing its doors when he got to do one last lap with his favorite car, watched only by close friends. A true Hollywood and car legend is getting ready to say goodbye.Let’s send… Continue reading Paul Newman’s last lap.

  • Lada C-Cross Concept

    Lada used to sell cars and trucks in Europe and Canada. Correct me if I”m wrong but I think they still do. Now they are “partners” with Renault. Whatever that really means.It’s not hard to guess that this “Concept” is heading for production soon. There is really nothing new to it.Except bringing Lada designs into… Continue reading Lada C-Cross Concept

  • Toyota iQ in black

    The interior seems more conventional than the Smart.And it is much wider too. I really hope they have enough guts to send this over here as a Scion.

  • New Kia Forte pictures

    I did drive a Civic last year. A nice car.I actually like the “Star Trek interior”. And I did drive a Kia Spectra a couple of weeks ago.Another decent car. Good power, solid feeling etc… This Forte looks much better and more substantial than the Spectra.So I guess this would be a really good choice… Continue reading New Kia Forte pictures