• Ford to finally kill Mercury???

    Again… The same rumor for years now. After claiming they have new products coming out, now we hear Mercury might be gone soon.That means no new “small car based on the new Focus”. Would you miss Mercury?Would you buy one if they had new models ?

  • VW Polo Sedan

    Still looking pretty close to the spy pictures we’ve seen recently of the new US Jetta.It seems that the 2 cars might be very closely related, with the Jetta getting a different rear end and no 3rd side window. There are even rumors about the US model getting the small 1.4 Liter turbo to replace… Continue reading VW Polo Sedan

  • Opel Astra Coupe

    Still just an illustration, but it does match recent spy shots. Just like always, the coupe should be the best looking one of the Astra line.With the sedan version coming over here as a small Buick, I just wonder if this coupe will end up in the US as well.It would be great competition to… Continue reading Opel Astra Coupe

  • 2012 VW Passat?

    Or is it the new “US only” sedan that will actually replace the Passat over here? It does match the sketch VW released last year. The one of the US sedan.But I’m sure both the new model and the Passat will end up looking very similar anyway. All VW do these days…

  • 2012 Buick compact sedan

    After the regal, Buick will be offering this even smaller model in the US next year.These pictures are of the Chinese Buick Excelle GT . But just like the Regal, Chinese and US versions will be pretty much the same.And both are sedans versions of the Opel Astra. The hatchback is also sold in China,… Continue reading 2012 Buick compact sedan

  • 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    New pictures of the all new, top of the line Jeep model.Now we know it starts at about $31 000 for the base RWD model.The Limited will be around $40 000. Not cheap.The interior still reminds me of the current Hyundai Santa Fe.Sure, everyone is saying how much better it is than the current Grand… Continue reading 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • Lexus CT 200h Video

    Just like what we saw a few weeks ago with the Audi A1, this is another case of car makers pretending to be Hollywood film makers. But the result always seems to be a few steps further in the cheesiness. Most big budget Hollywood blockbusters are pretty bad. But these new “Hollywood car shorts” are… Continue reading Lexus CT 200h Video

  • MG3

    After the cool new MG6 hatchback, the newly Chinese own british brand will be going after smaller cars like the Fiesta. The MG6 will be built in England and sold in Europe. Not sure if the smaller MG3 will also be sold outside of China. But so far, the “New MG” seems to be one… Continue reading MG3

  • 2012 Ford Explorer

    Just a very small teaser so far.  We’ve actually already seen much more from recent spy pictures. The good news is that the Explorer will be based on the Flex/Taurus platform. So basically a 5 seater Flex, with better off rad capabilities. Which means much better mileage than the current prehistorical model.

  • 2011/12 Hyundai Accent hatchback

    Hyundai is already testing a hatchback version of its recently introduced all new Verna. Which is known to us as the Accent. No surprises here, there always has been a hatch version of the small Hyundai. This will compete very nicely with cars like the Toyota Yaris over here. But with more style.

  • 2012 Buick Compact sedan

    It looks ready to go. Buick will not use the name “Excelle” already used in China. So we’ll see what they call it when it comes over here next year. It should be going on sale in China this summer. So we’ll see plenty of it before it is released in the US. What should… Continue reading 2012 Buick Compact sedan