• 2013 Smart ForTwo

    After 5 years and shrinking sale numbers, you would think it’s time for an all new model.Well, it is. But an all new Smart isn’t ready yet. So for the next coupe of years, we’ll be getting this.New lights and bumpers, basically.Which is really not enough. Especially now that the more modern iQ is sold… Continue reading 2013 Smart ForTwo

  • 2013 Viper

    Not much to see yet.Just the 1st teaser shot of what could be many more.Until we see the real thing in a couple of months.

  • 2014 Mini Cooper?

    Could be… The “regular” Mini will be redesigned next year for the 2014 Model year.Not sure yet if the Clubman will return with the new design, but if it does, it should be out a year later. There are rumors of a 4 door version also. Not like the “wannabe SUV” Countryman, but a 4… Continue reading 2014 Mini Cooper?

  • 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

    The next Santa Fe seems to be one of the very last Hyundai model to be redesigned.No big surprises here, as it adopts the latest design cues already seen. In an SUV package. Still, this should end up being quite a contender when it comes out. Unlike the Sonata, the new Santa Fe is still… Continue reading 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

  • VW Up 4 door

    This will probably turn out to be the most popular version of VW’s new basic little car.Engine choices are similar to the 2 door. It will start at about $700 more than the 2 door version. And, again, it is not for us….

  • Nissan Titan Test Drive

    -HOW IT LOOKS.Even though it came out in 2004, I think the Titan pick-up still looks pretty good.They did try to make it look more modern that the competition. Most other trucks have been redesigned since, but the Titan still seems pretty modern. -HOW IT IS INSIDE.My test truck didn’t have running boards, which made… Continue reading Nissan Titan Test Drive

  • 2013/14 Renault 5?

    Renault seems to be getting an all new version of the old Renault 5 , or LeCar as it was known here, ready soon.They might even show a concept version this fall.The new model would be based on the next generation Clio, due out next year. It would obviously compete with other retro futuristic designs… Continue reading 2013/14 Renault 5?

  • 2013 VW Up! 5 door

    No surprises here as VW has already shown a concept of this last year.Looking maybe better than the 3 door version currently on sale in Europe. Not sure we’ll be getting this, ever. I do think a $12 000 VW in the US would be a good idea.And this looks to be a perfect car… Continue reading 2013 VW Up! 5 door

  • 2013 Volvo S80

    A few years old and still a very nice looking car.The big S80 will see a few changes for the new year.Mainly a new front.Which, on this picture at least, doesn’t seem to include new headlights. But still looking good. With a new grill that could be the new face for other models as well.

  • 2013/14 Infiniti G Coupe

    We all know the G is the next Infiniti due for a redesign.And it should be taking some cues from recent concepts. Which might or might not be a good thing… We’ll see next year if the real car is going to look like this or not.It wouldn’t be too bad if it did…

  • Nissan Titan Test Drive coming up.

    I know.This is not something I would usually be driving.But why not. I have this for a week and will report on it soon, and answer any questions you might have. So far, it’s everything you’d expect. Big, trucky and thirsty.

  • More pictures of the new 2013 Kia Ceed

    Looking really good. This is pretty much a hatchback version of our next Kia Forte. So it might end up over here as well.Closely related to the popular Elantra. Stay tuned for pics of the interior next…