• New SAABs coming ?

     Saab’s new Chinese owner, NEVS, has just come up with a plan for the swedish zombie car maker. First, they still want to keep producing an updated version of the old 9-3. A car that came out about 13 years ago. So good luck with that. NEVS claims that model will “generate the cash it… Continue reading New SAABs coming ?

  • BMW 1 series

    As you can see, the upcoming small 1 series sedan will stay pretty close to the “Compact Sedan Concept” we saw just a few weeks ago. Which is fine. It will compete with the boring A3 and the “almost weird” CLA. So this might fit right in between. Being based on the same platform as… Continue reading BMW 1 series

  • VW new Electric Concept

    Yes, another concept from VW. Not a production car. It seems they have no problem showing us tons of concepts every year. Their problem is, (Besides cheating on diesel emissions) actually coming up with new production models. The last one we saw was the new Tiguan. (And God only knows when that will come to… Continue reading VW new Electric Concept

  • Mazda Koeru = Mazda CX-6/7?

     Mazda just announced there will be a production version of the really good looking Koeru concept. Which, we already knew, since these spy shots have been around for a while. As you can see, It’ll stay really close to the concept. Mazda is aiming right at the Subaru Outback with this one. Someone for people… Continue reading Mazda Koeru = Mazda CX-6/7?

  • 2017 Mercedes E-Class

    First official picture of the all new E-class. As predicted, it is a mix of C and S-class. The wide screen seems better integrated than in the C-class. As it doesn’t feel so much like a tablet anymore. The current model starts at about $52 000 in the US. So this sits on top of… Continue reading 2017 Mercedes E-Class

  • Citroen E-Mehari

     I think this is great! I mean really. Finally, Citroen is coming up with a modern version of the cool old Mehari from the 60’s. And it’s Electric! Of course. Which makes it the perfect 21st Century Mehari. It even gets up to 125 Miles on a charge. Which is more than other more expensive… Continue reading Citroen E-Mehari

  • Hyundai IONIQ

    We finally get to see something official about the all new Hyundai Prius competitor. This does look more interesting than the camouflaged cars we have seen. And, a thousand times nicer than the horrific new Prius. (Which is even much worse in real life) I think there is a huge opportunity for Hyundai here. As… Continue reading Hyundai IONIQ

  • 2017 Buick Envision

    Nothing “all new” since this has been on sale in China for a while. We now know that the US version will get the 2.0 Liter Turbo with 252HP. With a 6 speed auto (Where is GM’s new 8 speed?) It is based on the same platform as the new Cadillac XT5. And, I must… Continue reading 2017 Buick Envision

  • Hollywood sight

     I saw this in the streets a few days ago. Just south of Sunset Blvd. A very rare, but sad sight indeed. An old Lotus Elite. Hadn’t seen one in… well, I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen one in real life. It was produced from 1974 to 1982. This one has the side markers,… Continue reading Hollywood sight

  • Volvo S90 VS.Jaguar XF

     I keep comparing the 2 cars. I know… But, to me, they are both shocking in their own way. The S90 interior is shocking because it is so great. And coming from such a “blah brand” like Volvo. A brand that most people had written off. A brand that is not associate with style. The… Continue reading Volvo S90 VS.Jaguar XF

  • BMW i5

    BMW is supposed to add an all new i5 model to its hybrid/electric line up. And it could be as soon as late next year. It is supposed to be based on a longer version of the carbon fiber (expensive) i3 platform. Therefore sharing some of the cost of the i3. The larger model will… Continue reading BMW i5