• 2017 Buick Avenir

     Remember that great looking Buick Avenir concept from about two years ago. Well, of course we’re not getting it. What we are getting is the name, not the car. “Avenir” will be used for a high end option trim on some Buick models. The first one unveiled is the Avenir trim on this Chinese Buick… Continue reading 2017 Buick Avenir

  • 2018 VW Altlas

     Finally. VW will soon have a mid size SUV to compete in the US market. Just when smaller ones are actually getting more popular than mid sized ones… It doesn’t look bad. And it does look like a VW. In a big Tiguan sort of way. (At least, it does look much better than the… Continue reading 2018 VW Altlas

  • 2017 Mazda CX-5

    This is the first official photo of the all new redesigned 2017 Mazda CX-5. And it already looks like another very nice design from Mazda. These guys can’t seem to come up with an ugly car these days… The CX-5 has been a hit for Mazda. Selling over 111 000 units last year alone. This… Continue reading 2017 Mazda CX-5

  • All new 2017/18 Hyundai Azera

    Of course, it doesn’t look as cool as the teasers we saw earlier. Still, a very nice and modern near luxury sedan. Which is, basically, as much luxury as most people need. Getting ready to do battle with the Toyota Avalon, Nissan mAxima and the al new Buick Lacrosse.

  • 2017 Mini Countryman

    Looking pretty good. But also, less and less like a Mini. This new version of the Country man is quite a bit larger than the outgoing model. Almost 8 inches longer! And an inch wider. Wheelbase is 3 inches longer. So it is probably a lot roomier, but no longer Mini. At all. These side… Continue reading 2017 Mini Countryman

  • 2017 Hyundai Azera

    It seems to me the current model just came out a couple of years ago. And yet, there is an all new one on the way. I guess they still seem new since I almost never see one on the road… Again, the Azera will be a nice looking car. It usually shares its structure… Continue reading 2017 Hyundai Azera

  • Alfar Romeo Stelvio

    Seems like this new Alfa SUV has been testing forever. Every week ,we find more pictures of prototypes driving around. So, here are two more. For your own extreme viewing pleasure. Their new “savior of the company” sedan isn’t even out in the US yet. But I really think this is more important. Given the… Continue reading Alfar Romeo Stelvio

  • 2017/18 Fiat 500L

    Looks like the 500L is getting a few changes for the next year. Which will probably be just new lights and bumpers. maybe some new interior bits. This is not a popular car in the US. At all. While it sold 12 413 units in 2014. This number went down to 7863 the next year.… Continue reading 2017/18 Fiat 500L