• 2020 VW T-Sport

    VW is getting an all-new “Crossover/SUV Coupe” for the Brazilian/South American market. This all-new model is even scheduled to make it to the European market. Where VW already has a bunch of small crossovers. I guess Kia is doing the same thing in Europe where they offer a lot of compact SUVs that always seem to be… Continue reading 2020 VW T-Sport

  • 2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe

    Since we saw an all new GLE a few months ago, it is quite logical to see this all new “coupe” version now. The new version is slightly longer and wider than the previous one. I have to say, it looks much nicer than the previous version (white car). And, of course, it inherits the… Continue reading 2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe

  • 2020 Land Rover Defender

    This picture comes from the set of the next James Bond film. This isn’t the first time we see discover new cars from James Bond movie sets. Like a few Aston Martin models, the BMW Z8 and Z3. So I guess this is the real thing. Which is not really surprising anymore since we have already… Continue reading 2020 Land Rover Defender

  • 2020 Buick Verano

    This is not an all-new model, but a mid-cycle refresh of the current generation that came out in 2015. The first generation was sold in the US, but not the current model.  Which is strictly for the Chinese market where the Buick brand is hugely popular. It is basically the usual refresh, with new front… Continue reading 2020 Buick Verano

  • 2020 Genesis G80 video

    Looks like the new 2020 Genesis G80 got caught in Germany. While getting gas… And again, it is looking quite good. In a classic/conservative sort of way. It seems to have very nice proportions, good looking simple wheels. But nothing seems to be pushing any envelope. A very conservative approach to the segment I guess.

  • New VW logo?

    While Kia has just trademarked a really cool, slick and stylish new logo, it seems that VW is slightly altering theirs. Which mirrors the way they redesign their cars, especially the Golf. These things being all-new while looking the same as before. I can’t really see anything “new” in that logo. Just like it is… Continue reading New VW logo?

  • Genesis GV 70

    Even though we have been seeing many pictures of the larger mid-size GV80 for a while, it looks like the smaller GV70 is about ready to go. Even though it is scheduled to come out after the GV80. The GV70 would be mostly competing with the Lexus NX, Infiniti QX50 and Acura RDX in the US. … Continue reading Genesis GV 70