• 2021 Genesis GV80

    These new pictures of the Genesis GV80 SUV look a lot like this other set I posted earlier of the next Generation G80.  I am not sure if they both come from the same place, or if they both are computer generated. ( they seem to be) Even if they are CGI, they could still… Continue reading 2021 Genesis GV80

  • 2020 VW Golf

    Always a bit sad to see the next generation Golf (top) next to the current one. It just makes you realize how little the design actually changes from one generation to the next. Why even bother… The top prototype is the new plug-in version. And still has a bit of camouflage on the lights. Otherwise,… Continue reading 2020 VW Golf

  • Mercedes GLB price

    At $36 600 (including destination), the new GLB is, of course, priced in between the $34 300 “old” GLA. And the $42 500 GLA. The GLA is due for a redesign very soon. And that GLC is much more expensive. So basically, the GLB looks like the best deal. But of course, most of the… Continue reading Mercedes GLB price

  • 2020 Ram 1000

    The 1000 is a new compact pick-up truck from Ram. It is basically the same truck as the Fiat Toro, sold in south america for a few years. And I think it looks pretty cool It is also not being considered for the US.  Why not? I think this is a mistake. Not everyone (even… Continue reading 2020 Ram 1000

  • 2020 Kia Optima

    Nothing we have not seen before. Another camouflaged new 2020  Kia Optima on the road. Still looking like it should be a hatchback… More very soon. 

  • 2021 Jaguar XJ illustration

    While it looks OK, this illustration from Autocar (based on Jaguar’s own recent teaser) looks more like a sport car than a luxury sedan. I think the upcoming XJ EV should still convey a sense of luxury and elegance that has been in the Jaguar DNA for decades. (Except in the last few years…) The… Continue reading 2021 Jaguar XJ illustration

  • Cruising Instagram…

    Today we have a bunch of things that never happened. And a few that did. Barely… – A design study from the early ’80s for a second-generation Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon. Which never happened… – A weird but cool 3 row Cadillac wagon. – A very interesting “next-generation” AMC Gremlin wagon proposal from 1976.   – Some… Continue reading Cruising Instagram…

  • 2020 VW Viloran Minivan

    Add caption VW’snew Minivan for China looks like a Golf 8 on steroids. The rear lights seem very similar. And the chrome bits upfront also resemble the next-generation Golf. Otherwise, it looks like it is based on the Atlas SUV. Since the interior looks almost the same. (Look at these 1990s looking uninspired door panels…)… Continue reading 2020 VW Viloran Minivan

  • 2021 Genesis G80?

    These do seem pretty realistic. Even looking like screen grabs from a video. But it could slo be some clever 3D work… It looks very close to the various spy shots we have seen of the real car. Although the whole thing doesn’t feel as soft or curvy as the spy shots. So who knows…