• 2020/21 Jaguar F-Type

     While the jaguar F-Type is now 6 years old, I think it is still the best looking current Jaguar. After 6 years, we don’t get a new car. But a “facelift”. With an all new front and rear ends. Lights etc… Not sure about the interior yet. And I hear new engines are planned (Like… Continue reading 2020/21 Jaguar F-Type

  • 2021 Kia Sorento

    This is the first picture I have seen of the all new 2021 Sorento uncovered. Which, at least to me, looks like a cross between the new Ford Explorer and a Chinese SUV. So far at least… It seems very “chromy”, with a really big grille. Unlike the more modern and subtle look of the… Continue reading 2021 Kia Sorento

  • 2020 Geely Icon

    I know it looks a bit weird. And has strange lines on the side. And a pretty busy interior. But somehow, I like it. I think this does have a cool modern personality.  It is based on the BMA platform that accepts gas engines as well as Plug-in Hybrid powertrains. It is smaller than Volvo’s… Continue reading 2020 Geely Icon

  • Auto Show notes: Which one is it???

    We all know that all 4 Nissan sedans now look like pretty much the same car in different sizes. But look at this picture! No, they are NOT the same car. The one in the foreground is the new Versa. While the one behind is the all new Sentra. Really…

  • Another Cybertruck ?

    There has been a lot of talk lately about the new Tesla Cybertruck. I am still not 100% of what to think of it myself. Which, I guess, is good. How often do we see such a weird design that actually takes us a while to digest. I do applaud the weirdness and compete new… Continue reading Another Cybertruck ?