• 2017/18 Ford Fiesta ST

    The all new Fiesta ST comes with a new 200HP 3 cylinder turbo. Yes, that’s 200HP for a tiny 3 cylinder engine. Quite a mazing… I drove the “regular” 3 cylinder turbo in a Focus last year, and it is already a great engine. The current Fiesta ST is one of the most fun I’ve… Continue reading 2017/18 Ford Fiesta ST

  • All new VW Arteon teasers

    The all new Arteon will replace the current VW CC. After all these years… The CC was a fancy, less roomy but slicker version of the previous Passat. This is based on the current European Passat. But now it is a hatchback. We are also supposed to get it in the US. Where it will… Continue reading All new VW Arteon teasers

  • 2018 Hyundai iTourer

    There it is. The wagon version of the 130 compact. For Europe only. I guess if sold here, it would be the Elantra wagon. Still, we are getting the hatchback, so that’s not so bad…

  • 2018 Volvo XC60

    The all new mid size Volvo SUV is right around the corner. As we should see the real thing in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, we get to see the interior a little bit early. It is still a prototype where some of the trim is missing. So the real thing will look even better.… Continue reading 2018 Volvo XC60

  • 2019 Tesla Model S

    The curent model S still looks great. Thanks to a great design from Franz Von Holzhausen (who also did the great Pontiac Solstice). But… It is already about 5 years old. Since it came out, most luxury cars of that price range have been redesigned. Sure, being an EV, it is kind of unique. But… Continue reading 2019 Tesla Model S

  • 2018 Genesis G70

     This one is a big deal for Hyundai’s new Genesis brand. As it is getting ready to take on the 3 series, C-Class and A4. As well as the all new Alfa Romeo. But, as you can see, the production model will be a much different design than the rather interesting concept we saw a… Continue reading 2018 Genesis G70

  • 2018/19 Toyota Corolla

    Still very early, so we can’t see much. It doesn’t look that different from the current model (red car). But again, this is an early prototype. It does look a bit more angular in general. The Corolla is not intended to look futuristic or that stylish anyway. The current model is doing just fine. It… Continue reading 2018/19 Toyota Corolla

  • Link & Co sedan

     Looks like that new sub-Volvo brand Link & Co will offer a sedan as well as the new SUV they’ve already shown us. Which makes sense, since the whole thing is based on the same platform as the next Volvo XC40. Since there will be an S40 as well, why not us that too? Here… Continue reading Link & Co sedan

  • Opel’s all new SUV for 2018

    These are just illustrations. But they do look really realistic. Opel is planning a larger SUV. I guess something that would compare with the redesigned VW Touareg. Or the European version of the Ford Edge. The Crossland X just came out. Next will be the larger Grandland X. (Both sharing platforms with Peugeot) Which is… Continue reading Opel’s all new SUV for 2018

  • All new Hyundai i30 wagon

    Nothing earth shattering here. Just what looks like a nice wagon version of the new Euro i30 hatchback. (Our new Elantra GT) Seems that most compacts in Europe offer a wagon version. Like the Astra, Golf, Focus, Megane etc… So Hyundai is just doing the same. As mentioned earlier, there will be a third body… Continue reading All new Hyundai i30 wagon